2013 SLMANA Eastern Region Executive Committee

  • President Suranganee De Lanerolle MD
  • President Elect Daya Nadarajah MD
  • Vice President Dharshi Sunderam MD
  • Secretary Mr. Jay Liyanage
  • Treasurer Hatim Hyderally MD
  • Assistant Secretary Selvarani Richards MD


The By-Laws committee is responsible for examination of the by-laws from time to time and making recommendations for change as SLMANA Eastern Region continues to grow and evolve with time.

The members of the CME committee are responsible for developing educational programs for the CME medical education meeting preceding the charity ball.

The dance and social affairs committee is responsible for spearheading social events of SLMANA Eastern Region.  They, along with additional members acting as a steering committee have the important task of organizing the charity ball which is the primary fundraiser of SLMANA Eastern Region.

The financial matters committee is responsible for ensuring the financially viability of SLMANA Eastern Region inc. They advise the executive committee on a regular basis about the financial status of the society.

The Fund Allocation Committee (FAC) is responsible for allocating funds to chartable humanitarian and health related projects in Sri Lanka and the USA.  Using a variety of objective criteria, the FAC reviews and approves projects for funding.  The FAC also ensures that funded projects are completed via primary or third party audits.

The Membership drive committee is responsible for recruiting new members to the SLMANA Eastern Region Inc. Additionally, they develop and promote member benefits. Recruitment of young physicians is a high priority for the membership drive committee.

The strategic planning committee provides advices the executive committee on strategic matters related to the viability and evolution of the Sri Lanka Medical Association of North America Eastern Region Inc.  This committee also addresses governance issues and succession planning.

The website committee is responsible for the society’s web presence.  The new SLMANA East website was a project that was undertaken by the committee to put SLMANA East on the Internet landscape as an important source of information for members, physicians, charities, and patients/public.  Integrating with social media as a means of communicating the societies mission with the world at large will be implemented in the future.

Executive Committee

  • Shiranee Abeysekera MD
  • Thinesh Dahanayake MD
  • Takshan De Alwis MD
  • Lakshman Denepitiya DDS
  • Rohan Perera MD
  • Noel Perin MD
  • Trikante Rajapaksa MD

The executive committee of the Sri Lanka Medical Association of North America Eastern Region Inc. is the board of members responsible for spearheading the society, and stewardship of its mission. The executive committee is elected every two years at the annual general meeting.