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A big thank you from SLMANA to its members and supporters worldwide

SLMANA thanks the over 500 members and supporters from the US and Sri Lanka who signed a petition to Ms Kosoglu of the Biden- Harris administration appealing for the expedited delivery of vaccines to Sri Lanka as part of the US vaccine distribution to countries in need. We also thank all our members who wrote letters directly to the White House using the link we sent you:


President's message

Trikante Rajapaksa MD, FACP, FACG,

As we struggle to emerge from the Covid 19 crisis it is time to look back on the SLMANA activities in the last 7 months.

We began the year with specific goals of providing community health education,scientific discussions, and exploring novel fund raising activities.

What did we achieve?

Community Health Education:
Two webinars were held In partnership with the Sri Lanka Association of New York (SLANY) .
1) presentation and panel discussion on Covid 19 Vaccines which was greatly appreciated by participants from several countries.
2) presentation and panel discussion on Substance Abuse , Recognition and Treatment.
We hope to continue to collaborate with SLANY to conduct more webinars related to topics relevant to the diaspora needs.
3) If all goes well we hope to provide a SLMANA Health Tent in September at the Annual Ananda College Cricket Festival.

Scientific Programs :
We held a very informative Zoom presentation on gene therapy titled “ To Be My DNA or Not To Be” by Dr Sukumar Nagendran. This emerging field holds the key to future treatment of many common diseases including diabetes,heart disease and strokes.

Most importantly, Donations to Sri Lanka took a dramatic turn when Sri Lanka found itself in the Covid 19 crisis situation.

SLMANA Inc took a two pronged approach to the problem by
a) advocating for vaccine distribution to Sri Lanka by means of petitions to the Biden- Harris administration and participating in a round table discussion with the relevant US State Department officials.
b) raising funds for medical equipment to the National Hospital of Sri Lanka which serves the largest number of severely sick Covid 19 patients in the country.

Thanks to the diligent efforts and generous personal contributions of the SLMANA Executive Committee and membership and friends we were able to deliver much needed equipment to the Emergency Treatment Unit of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka.

We continue to urge our members and friends who haven’t yet donated to our efforts to do so now by going to our website:

With the enthusiastic support of our entire membership and friends we hope to look back one day and say with gratitude that we not only survived this pandemic but somehow achieved our goals as well.

Trikante Rajapaksa MD, FACP, FACG
Clinical Assistant Professor, New York Medical College
August 10, 2021

Project Evaluation Committee- Message from Chairman

Rohan Perera, M.B.,B.S, MRCP (UK) , FACC Clinical Assistant Professor, Dept Of Medicine, Stony Brook University Hospital, Stony Brook, NY.

SLMANA east encourages it’s members to submit requests for funding of deserving medical projects in Sri Lanka.

The SLMANA East fund allocation committee comprised of 5 members diligently evaluate each request for funds with particular attention to accountability , on site evaluation of the project and follow up. We then submit our report to the executive committee which will then make a final decision.

We strive to continue our work with integrity and transparency ensuring that your generous donations will be given to the most deserving medical projects in SriLanka.

Looking forward to your continued support in the year ahead.

Rohan Perera , Chairman, Project Evaluation Committee.

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