Benefits of Membership in SLMANA

SLMANA actively encourages and invites all healthcare professionals who wish to channel their energy and resources in the service of others to join our organization as a valued member. Whereas individually your charitable efforts are always helpful they are intrinsically limited. SLMANA offers you a conduit through which they can be amplified many times via the collective collaboration with your peers. Our successes and accomplishments in life are even more enjoyable when shared with others. By joining SLMANA you will come to the aid of those in need in Sri Lanka and extend your reach so much further.

Members gather regularly at organized luncheon meetings and this provides an opportunity to interact with regular and new members which enhances social and professional networking as well as making for new and exciting friendships.

You will be rewarded by the satisfaction you derive by doing something that fully utilizes your talents and abilities beyond just pursuing your occupation.You will distinguish yourself by your altruism and be gratified immeasurably by your benevolent actions.

Members also have the opportunity to actively participate in our educational activities and even be presenters at our widely attended and popular biennial CME conferences held in New York City.

Being active in organizing our hugely successful Dinner Dance and silent auction every other fall allows one to gain first hand experience in the execution of such large scale events that many members find to be so enriching a life experience.

Additionally our newly created Health Fairs project enables us to share our skills in screening and early detection of illness while also improving our visibility in the community.

New initiatives in SLMANA emphasize the use of electronic communications and media to spread the philanthropic objectives of SLMANA. The new and active website, the silent auction, need for news blogs and updates to name some provide avenues for interested parties to put their electronic skills to humanistic use.

SLMANA offers an opportunity to give back, whether to a source that helped you get to where you are or merely to fellow humans who are less fortunate than your selves.

So why delay join us today.

Be More than You Are, Join SLMANA.

Worthwhile projects from Sri Lanka, chosen using objective criteria with transparency in funding

Networking and socializing events

Large network of physicians in different specialities able to advise junior members about career choices, application process etc.

CME presentations and lectures