Wattapallai Maha Vidyalaya (School) Project

Construction of overhead water tank and separate sets of boys’ and girls’ toilets, and attachment of supply lines to toilets.

Sponsored by Dr Vaidya Segaram/ Hindu Council

Aim of project

The people of Mulliyavalai and Wattrapalai area in Mullaitivu District being one of the three districts in the Vanni region have undergone untold hardships through a long period, almost for the last two decades during the period of the Civil War that was concluded in May 2009. The last days of the war had displaced the population in total and had cost them the loss of all their belongings and they have been camped for almost a year. The gravity of the destruction and devastation has been very high as the rate of loss of lives, loss of house & properties etc. have been in thousands. More over thousands of women became widows, thousands of children orphaned, and thousands of breadwinners lost their occupation also. The ultimate results have been so disastrous that displaced the entire population.

Since the conclusion of the civil war the resettlement has been in progress and forty percent of the population of Mulliyavalai and ninety percent of the people of Wattrapalai have returned to their places of origin and are living in difficult circumstances.

Project Goals & Objectives

This project aims to provide inputs for the displaced children of the above two schools at a cost of Rs.8,254,750 (approx USD 82,500) that will enhance their basic health and educationdal requirements. The Hindu Council of Sri Lanka, Colombo with its peripheral unit in Mullaitivu will be responsible in collaboration with the officials of the Health and Education Departments, the Principals, Teachers and well wishers, to implement the proposed activities. The implementation will commence in May 2010 and will be completed in September 2010.

Equipment Requested and Funded by SLMANA Eastern Region Inc.

$8000 Approved at meeting held in October 2009 for construction of toilets and water tank.

Project Progress

First wire draft of $2000 sent on 11/29/2010 on initiation of project
Second wire draft of $3000 sent on 2/16/2011 at mid point of project
Third wire draft of $ 3000 sent on 3/10/2011 on completion of project