Vavuniya Cataract Eye Project

Provision of cataract lenses following cataract eye surgery. Cost will only be for the lens.

The surgery will be performed voluntarily by an eye surgeon without charge.

Aim of the Project

Shantham, a not for profit organization located in Vavuniya Sri Lanka, performs free service to mankind strictly following the standards and principle of Sathay Sai Organization. The Shantham Charitable Organization, Sathya Sai Center, Thekka Watta, Vavuniya, Sri Lanka and Dr. M. Malaravan, eye surgeon, Vavuniya General Hospital is in Financial need to fund a new project called “Eye-care”, providing eye sights to poor cataract patients. These patients are presently living in various shelters with no income to support them, and would not be able to pay for their surgery or the cataract replacement lenses probably in their lifetime. This cataract surgery is being performed free of charge by Dr. M. Malaravan, Eye Surgeon, General Hospital, Vavuniya.

Project Goals & Objectives

To provide the cataract lenses to the patients for the surgery. The first 125 patients are waiting for their surgery.

Long-term Sustainability

Short Term Project

Equipment Requested & Funded by SLMANA Eastern Region Inc

$10,000 sent in three installments.