Y Gro Well Renovation Project

Restoration of 5 deep wells for use of 40 resettled families in Tellipallai, Jaffna peninsula

Aim of the Project

Community Wells Renovation & Restoration for 40 Families Resettled after the War in Tellipalai, Jaffna Sri Lanka.

Summary of Project

With the assistance of SLMANA, Y Gro, together with the Government restored and renovated 5 community wells that are serving 40 families today. The project included testing of water quality and remedial measures taken to ensure good, clean, healthy water from a public health perspective.

Wastewater, and where needed, pumped water is also used to irrigate cash crops planted by the householders.

Project Goals & Objectives

One of the key objectives of our partnership project was to restore the wells and bring the quality of water to a hygienic condition fit for usage by the people.

Long-term Sustainability

Short Term Project

Equipment Requested and Funded by SLMANA Eastern Region Inc.

$2500 sent on 2/14/2011
$2500 sent on 3/21/2011


of Village
Sample No Recommendation
Naathoolai JPS 1305 Satisfied
Illavalai JPS 1301 Satisfied
Illavalai JPS 1303 Well should be properly chlorinated
Illavalai JPS 1302 Well should be properly chlorinated
Illavalai JPS 1304 Well should be properly chlorinated


Table 1: reports of water quality testing by the National Water Supply & Drainage Board Jaffna  

Subsequent Action was taken to remediate wells as recommended by the water board.

Today all 5 wells are in use.