Donations 2007

Total Funds Raised at 2007 Charity Ball $ 63,000

Projects Funded by 2007 Charity Ball $ 61,456.26

2008 Projects


  • HEARING AID PROJECT: Purchased hearing aides for 50 children who are attending Sri Chandrasekera School for the Deaf, Horatudwa. These children come from very poor families and they belong to all ethnic groups from all parts of Sri Lanka.
    Donation amount: $12,000


  • INSULIN FOR CHILDREN PROJECT: A donation was made to the Insulin Bank to supply Humelin insulin for insulin dependent children who were registered at the National Diabetes Center, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka
    Donation amount: $2,000


  • TRANSPORT VENTILATOR PROJECT: Donated a transport Ventilator to the Intensive Care Unit at the teaching hospital in Kegalle. This was essential equipment to ventilate critically ill patients from infants to adults during inter-hospital transfers.
    Donation amount: $8,559.88


  • WILPATHA WOMEN’S SAVING EFFORT PROJECT: Donated medical equipment including a dental chair and instruments to Wilpatha Women’s Saving Effort, Wilpatha Village, North Chilaw, Sri Lanka
    Donation amount: $5,132.05


  • GALLE PULMONARY EQUIPMENT PROJECT: Donated to Professor Ariyananda, Faculty of Medicine, Karapitiya, Galle, a diagnostic spirometer with pulse oximetry.
    Donation amount: $5,764.53


2009 Projects


  • JAFFNA HOSPITAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT PROJECT: A donation of was sent for the construction of a building to house the catheterization lab of the Jaffna Teaching Hospital, Jaffna.
    Donation amount: $20,000


  • ALZHEIMERS FOUNDATION PROJECT: A donation was sent to equip and furnish the training room at the day care center of the Lanka Alzheimer’s Foundation.
    Donation amount: $3,000


  • WATER PURIFICATION PROJECT: A donation was sent for the water purification project, sponsored by Dr. Sunil Wimalawansa.
    Donation amount: $5,000