Hearing Aid Project

Aim of the Project

Sri Chandrasekera School for the Deaf in Horetuduwa, run by the National Council for the Deaf consist of 80 students. All the students attending this school come from the low-income group. Classes are conducted from Grade 1 to Grade 10 and the students follow the normal Government syllabus. The students of Sri Chandrasekera School for the Deaf are very severely hearing impaired and will not be able to attend to their studies and acquire speech without powerful hearing aids.

Project Goals & Objectives


To provide hearing impaired children a proper education fitted with powerful hearing aids and make them self sufficient and employable after completing their education.


To enable hearing impaired children live a life with dignity, mix with normal persons and become functional members in society.

Long-term Sustainability:

The National Council for the Deaf will build up their income generating projects to eventually take over the responsibility of providing hearing aids.

Equipment Requested and Funded by SLMANA Eastern Region Inc.:

$5,000 sent to Siemens Singapore for purchase of hearing aids